Here we come up with the issues called DNS Serves Not Responding, which is mostly prominently known to those how use Internet in their PC or Laptop. It is the issues when Apps connected to internet from your Mac OS will be complaining of not getting connected. This problem is arises due to some technical issues in the connection. The chain between the Internet server and the Mac Device is lost due to some outage, and then the DNS server issues will arise. MovieBox

Fix DNS Server Not Responding For Mac OS X

Below are few methods that will let you solve these issues, either of any method shown below will get this problem solved.

Method 1: Network Diagnostics:

Due to network problems this issues will arise mostly, as it avoid the connection to your browser to a particular network by giving diagnostics button. Follow this few steps and will definitely solve the issues if it is from Network.

  • Launch Network Diagnostics using it button or Manually
  • Open Apple menu and Click on System Preference
  • Then Click on Network Option and then on Assist me
  • Later click on Diagnostics Button and wait until the process starts

This will automatically solve any issues if it is related with the Wi-Fi or Cable, else it will guide you with some steps to solve the problem. If this can’t troubleshoot then proceed with the below given method.

Method 2 : Use Another App or Site:

If you have got this issue when using a particular Website or App then switches to another App or Site. This makes sure that this problem is related to a single site or with entire Mac device. If you can’t access the internet from one App then open any other App and try connecting with it. Else go down and check the Just Me button to know the details of problem arise. Else go with the methods that are shown here.

Method 3: Nudge Wi-Fi:

Method 3: Nudge Wi-Fi:

When the DNS issues arise, its better to check the Wi-Fi either you have entered any restricted website. Check the Wi-Fi menu at top corner of your Mac browser. Mac devices are known to hop onto very less desirable networks at inconvenient times. If you have got the Quotation mark at menu, then it shows the results of not getting connected. So turn your Wi-Fi Off and then restart it after 1 minute. If this solves your issues then good else restart your Mac Device and try to connect.

Method 4: Reset Router:

If the network issues haven’t gone correct by doing all the internal setting from your Mac device then try this method. First turn off your device and wait for few minutes and Turn On it successfully. If you come over the issues then reset the Router setting. Click a button on your Wi-Fi Router as reset and then try to login again using the browser. This will for sure help to use Mac Browser successfully. Make sure to open at first and then try to switch to other sites as preferred.

Any of these methods will for sure troubleshoot your issue and get you’re connected to internet from your Mac browser.

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