Going by your question, it seems you have not chosen for automatic IP creation from the ISP via DHCP. The alternative for automatic IP address could be switched from the router settings page which is fairly simple and simple. I will discuss how to finish it, follow the instructions given below carefully:


Step 1:

Connect your router to a computer via ethernet cable. 1 end of the cable goes inside the LAN port of your router whereas the other end goes within the ethernet port in your computer. The ADSL cable goes into the WAN port of your router. When the set up is complete, wait for few seconds to allow the connection between the two get established.

Step 2:

Open your web browser and type in in the specified URL field and hit Enter.

Step 3:

Enter”admin” in the username field and leave the password field blank and hit enter to get access to main preferences of your router. In the event your ISP has provided you any SSID & password, enter those credentials.

Step 4:

Once on the main preferences page, go to DHCP configurations or WAN settings whichever of both is available. From the DHCP/WAN settings tab, you’ll discover a box for DHCP configurations, choose YES.

This will supply your router with automatic IP address from your ISP without worrying about changing it every month or two.

Hopefully, these measures assist you in getting your problem solved. In the event you have any doubts or problem, feel free to reply and I will be glad to assist.

Written by Peter Nielsen from twiftnews.com

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